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heating system check guide

How to Check Your Own Heating System

Usually our technicians service your heating system once per year, at least that is what we recommend. During the rest of the year, you should be keeping an eye on the system. While this sounds daunting, it really is quite simple, because once you know what to look for, it is just a matter of being aware. So let’s look at the top 5 things that you can look for with your system. Continue reading How to Check Your Own Heating System

oil tank sludge

The Sludge Report

What is sludge?

Oil tanks are not air tight. Every tank has a vent pipe to prevent over-pressurization when the tank is filled. When oil goes in, air comes out, and vice versa. Sludge is the result of Continue reading The Sludge Report

automatic heating oil delivery

5 Common Questions About Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

What is automatic delivery and how does it work?

Automatic heating oil delivery is a service that we provide, which estimates your oil usage. This estimation is based off of several factors, such as your burner/home efficiency, past usage, tank size, and what are called “Degree Days”. Degree Days start at 65 degrees fahrenheit. This means that anytime the daily average temperature fall below 65 degrees, our computer starts factoring in your usage. Continue reading 5 Common Questions About Automatic Heating Oil Delivery