Service Contract Agreement

Our service contract begins at $325 and we have additional options to enhance your protection. View more about our service contract here.

Service Contracts do not cover:

1. Malfunctions due to:
1. switches left off;
2. failure to fill manually fed boilers or flush low water cut-offs;
3. blown fuses/tripped breakers;
4. electrical failures unrelated to heating system;
5. oil or water valves left off;
6. flooded cellars and system freeze-ups even if due to failure of a covered part;
2. Corroded parts. Heating systems that contain glycol or anti freeze.
3. Complete replacement of oil burner, boiler, furnace, combustion chamber or heat exchanger
4. Air conditioning equipment
5. Clock thermostats, wifi thermostats, thermostats not in the on position, not set above room temperature or not programmed properly
6. Heat and hot water distribution systems and their accessories except items in Water Parts Option
7. Tankless coils, gaskets, and related labor
8. Frozen oil, frozen water lines, frozen or plugged tanks or oil lines
9. Draft inducers, chimneys, power venters or direct vent oil burners
10. Wood or coal units and their related parts
11. Burner Service required due to failure of adequate fuel supply or your delivery being held due to unsatisfactory credit status as deemed by Powers Energy credit department.
12. This plan does not cover, and we are not responsible for, any damages, including environmental damage arising out of any leakage or spillage from any oil lines, oil tanks or any other parts of your heating system
13. Water storage tanks
During the life of this agreement, Powers Energy Corporation will provide dependable, prompt emergency service. Emergency service constitutes: NO HEAT, between the dates of October 15th and April 15th. All other regular service will be performed during our normal working hours. Monday through Friday - 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. If non-emergency service calls are made during nights, Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays, the customer agrees to pay a per call charge based on our after hour emergency service rate.

We reserve the right to use remanufactured or previously owned parts at our discretion.

Powers Energy Corporation agrees to render service to the customer’s oil burning equipment for one year from the month in which the agreement began. If customer does not have service agreement protection, they will be charged parts and labor at the prevailing rate. The customer agrees to purchase their entire fuel oil requirements from Powers Energy Corporation. A yearly minimum usage of 400 gallons is required.

This agreement will expire on your anniversary month each year and will automatically be renewed every year unless terminated in writing. This agreement is not written on a pro-rated basis and no refund will be made if the customer cancels the agreement prior to its normal expiration date. Service contracts automatically renew yearly in August, unless otherwise agreed upon and are not transferable.

The service plans at prices quoted are for the ordinary residence or comparable size commercial heating systems that fire at a rate of 3 gph or less and are ONLY AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASE THEIR ENTIRE FUEL OIL REQUIREMENTS FROM Powers Energy Corporation on a automatic delivery basis.

There shall be no liability for any reason on the part of Powers Energy Corporation for work done by anyone else, unless such person is authorized by Powers Energy Corporation to perform such work or furnish parts.

Powers Energy Corporation shall not be held liable for inability to supply or obtain parts or fuel no longer available through normal supply channels.

It is agreed that if any tax or other charges are imposed by a governmental authority with respect to the sale, delivery, or use of the products covered hereby, it will be added to the price to be paid by the Buyer. These service agreements do not cover service or the repair or replacement of oil burner parts required as the result of abnormal conditions such
as war, fire, flood, hurricane, explosion, acts of God, or other causes beyond the control of Powers Energy Corporation.

Failure of customer to maintain proper boiler water level or pressure.
Customer leaving emergency switch in “off” position or not resetting fuses or breakers.
Tank water or sediment system infiltration.

Service will not be rendered unless customer provides reasonably safe and easy access to work areas. Failure to allow access for maintenance during the agreement period will render this agreement void. The ultimate responsibility for scheduling maintenance rests upon the customer.

Powers Energy Corporation reserves the right to reject any service agreement after inspection of the burner. Powers Energy Corporation may make such inspection at anytime up to and including the time of the first service call.

Powers Energy Corporation cannot assume responsibility for loss of heat or any damage resulting from a freeze up in an occupied or unoccupied dwelling. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to arrange for a daily house check if customer is away from the premises.

Only AUTOMATIC customers purchasing all there fuel oil from Powers Energy Corporation are eligible for this agreement. Customers under this agreement that request to not have their tank filled will render this contract null and void.

Powers Energy Corporation will not be responsible for run-outs when the account is delinquent after notification from the credit department. Delinquent customers requiring a fuel delivery will be required to pay full balance, unless other arrangements are approved by Powers Energy Corporation.

Agreements do not cover oil tanks. When tank is leaking it must be replaced before next oil delivery.

Powers Energy Corporation is not liable for any environmental pollution or pollution cleanup due to tank rupture or oil leak of any sort. Powers Energy Corporation shall not be held responsible for damage or losses resulting from a failure to supply fuel oil (run out) or if the fulfillment of either agreement shall be delayed or prevented by wars, acts of enemies, strikes, inability to secure mechanics, parts, material or transportation, or by any other conditions not reasonably within our control.