One of the most important decisions regarding your home is choosing your home heating company. By choosing Powers Energy, you can be assured of receiving the best “worry free” heating value and service that you deserve.

We are a full service company that has been providing quality heating oil and service to our customers for over 25 years.

In order to help you make an informative comparison and choice we would be delighted to meet with you at anytime to discuss how we can best be of service to you.

To find out if we service your area, check out our Service Areas page.

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Service Agreement

Peace of mind is guaranteed through our Service Agreements.

Our comprehensive plans for heating systems shield you from unexpected repair costs, and include efficiency-enhancing system tune-ups.

Simply put, a service plan protects you from the problems that can interrupt your families comfort.

Whatever your needs may be, Powers Energy is sure to have a plan for you.

Credit Line

Powers Energy is always looking for ways to serve you better. One of the best ways we can think of is to extend you credit. As a qualified “Automatic” customer, you can enjoy the ease and independence this payment method offers.

Once a credit limit is established, you can apply not only your fuel purchases to this plan, but any service calls as well. At Powers Energy we think this is an ideal way to manage your bill payments and important expenses.

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Become a Customer

Keep your family warm this winter

Your comfort is our top priority. No more waiting until the next day when the burner goes out. We offer service 24/7 and we can usually have a tech at your door within an hour. Don’t take a chance with your family. Sign up for a service agreement online or call us for more information.


Automatic Payments

Automatic Payments via credit card is another convenient way to pay your bill. With your permission we can charge your credit card or debit card automatically each time you have a delivery or burner servicing.

You will receive an emailed receipt to notify you of the charge and the amount. This is an easy way to accumulate those credit card rewards!

Budget Plan

Enjoy the benefit of level payments!

  • predictable monthly payments
  • no surprise fuel bills
  • more cash in your pocket during the winter

You wouldn’t want to make car payments in five months rather than 12. Yet people pay for 80% of their fuel in four or five months. This can lead to big winter bills.

Talk to us. We will be glad to level your payment so you can better manage the cost of your heat.

It’s simple. We multiply your annual fuel use by this year’s projected price–then split that total into lower, even monthly payments. So instead of paying hundreds of dollars for each delivery, you can cut you winter bills by more than half.

We only charge you for the fuel you actually receive at the price on the day of your delivery.

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