Another Year Later…Still the Same Home Heating Systems

home heating system

Life is incredibly busy and we understand how fast time seems to fly by. In terms of our homes, things seem to age quickly, including our home heating systems. Whether it is the oil burner, pool cover, weather stripping, roof, or list of other items, it is easy to “put it off until next year”. What we all notice is how “next year” becomes the “year after that” and so on.

If you do have a dinosaur-boiler in your basement, this post is especially for you! I want to discuss the advantages of upgrading your heating system to a newer model…even if your current burner is working.

Fuel Efficiency
Older burners are far less efficient at converting oil into energy and dispersing it effectively throughout your home. On the other hand, modern oil burners are extremely efficient. A couple of things to look for are:

  • if the room your burner is in is always hot

  • if the burner kicks on frequently

  • if the burner is too large or small for your home.

  • if the burner has a pilot light

Better Zoning
Really old burners do not have the zoning capabilities that we enjoy today and we have more needs for zones than we used to, such as heating your pool. With a System2000 from Energy Kinetics, you can actually add a zone for your pool or hot tub (more about that).

Nearly everyone remembers the kid in home alone running from the noisy “monster” while attempting to do laundry in the basement. Older home heating systems tend to run more loudly and detract from the overall comfort that your family enjoys…perhaps none more so than your 5 year old!

Enhance Your Home Resell Value
Aside from saving more money and having more flexibility, enhancing the value of your home is a great reason to upgrade your old system. For many, a home that needs major appliance upgrades can make the home less attractive than, particularly if two homes are otherwise being considered equally. Ask any real estate agent, it really does have a profound impact on the decision making process.

As with any major decision, getting more information can help. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff!