Heating Oil – Myth vs. Fact (Infographic)

heating oil myths vs facts

Is it true what they say about heating oil?

If you are not in the heating oil industry, it is easy to hear a lot of bogus information perpetuated as fact.  Therefore, many of these beliefs are from data that is outdated and no longer relevant, so it is important to know what’s true and what’s false.

For instance, we have probably all heard that oil heat produces harmful air emissions, but the reality is that heating oil burns about 95% cleaner than it did 45 years ago.  Much of this is due to how we process oil today and some additives can help to make it safer for the environment.

Take a look at this infographic and get informed about the modern facts concerning the oil heat industry.

heating oil myths vs facts

Source: http://www.heatingnews.org/mediaroom_mythsvsfacts.php