Why We Don’t Service Non-Customers

why we don't service non-customers


In the heating oil industry, it is common to receive calls from people who are not customers and are looking for service. We understand. It’s the middle of the night, the burner goes down, and this is a real crisis for a family living in Massachusetts. While many companies are willing to service non-customers, we are not.

When we receive such a call and tell the caller that we only service customers, a common response is “why?” So, we want to clearly communicate our rational, because…frankly…we believe it is a good thing and we don’t understand why all oil companies don’t have such a policy.

Why We Don’t Serve Them

Far above any other possible reason for having such a policy, the simple reason we do not service non-customers is that we are extremely committed to excellence with our customer base. When we receive a call in the middle of the night from a customer, we are there. We do not want our customers waiting in the cold for a service technician to show up the next morning. Our customer needs our technician immediately, and as a premium heating oil and service provider, we feel that it is our duty to our loyal customers to be there for them in a timely manner.

Were we to field calls from non-customers, we would be utilizing our company resources toward making a quick buck. On a night when we don’t have any customers calling in with an issue, this could be a good thing. However, if were to field a call to a non-customer, then get a call from a customer or two, we would be spreading our resources thin.

To compound matters, many emergency calls from non-customers are due to a lack of maintenance on the boiler. Our customers are serviced with annual cleanings and repairs, which mitigates the likelihood that there will be a crisis, in the first place. If a customer has a burner breakdown, it is usually a rather quick process to get everything operational again, because the boiler has already been cleaned within the last year.  Also, because we service our customers, we usually have the parts needed for emergency repairs readily on hand.

However, if a boiler fails due to a lack of maintenance, the boiler will likely need to be cleaned immediately and some parts may even need to be replaced, because buildup can cause damage to some boiler components. The sheer time involved in doing this ties up some of our resources. While multiple calls in a night are rare, taking on non-customers could mean that we would not be able to service our customers, in such an event.

We don’t want to be rude to non-customers and we really do appreciate that they thought of us and called us, but we have to prioritize our customers. Not being able to service a customer who is waiting in the New England cold is simply unacceptable. At Powers Energy Corporation, our customers must come first.